Restaurante Bon Aire is rice and tradition for your five senses. An experience in the wealth of Albufera in which valencian gastronomy is the protagonist. A family project led by the chef, Raúl Magraner, defined by the history, proximity and passion of his dishes.

Raúl Magraner

Chief Cook

Rosa María Roig

Head chef

Elena Marco Roig

Head of room

Borja Marco Roig

Head of room

Our history

The history of Bon Aire dates back to 1982. Its very owners, Francisco Roig Alexandre and María Romero Torrenti, built the restaurant with their own hands and with their daughters Ángeles and Rosa. A family rooted in the countryside and connoisseur of the valencian tradition.

One day, while they continued to shape their business, the wind picked up and francisco commented on such a “bad air”, to which the others responded that this was actually a “good air”. From this anecdote, remembered with much affection, came the name of Bon Aire. A breeze full of love and passion, which helped a family build what is now known as the Bon Aire Restaurant.

Its cuisine is based on traditional valencian gastronomy. In its menu there is no shortage of dishes of great heritage, which they recover with great pride. Innovation also has its place, since they adapt the richness of the tradition they defend to new formats.

Arròs&Tradició amb
els cinc sentits


2do Premio Concurso Nacional de Olla de Calabaza de Serra, 2017/2018

1er Premio Internacional de Paella Valenciana de Sueca, 2018/2019

2do Premio Nacional de Paella de Cullera, 2018/2019

1er Premio Nacional arroz de Feçol I Nap Catadau, 2018/2019

1er Premio Concurso de Gazpacho de Tous 2018/2019

1er Premio Certamen Internacional de Paella de Alicante, 2018/2019

2dº Premio Postre Kaki de la Ribera de l’alcudia, 2018/2019

3er Premio Concurso Nacional de Olla de Calabaza de Serra, 2018/2019

3er Premio Profesional de Postre de Cacau del Collaret de Meliana, 2019

2dº Premio Espardenyà D’alzira , 2020

1er Premio Paella Fetge de Bou Meliana , 2020

2do Premio fideuà de Gandia, 2022





El Palmar



961 620 310 / 961 620 133

Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Kitchen hours: 1:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Restaurant “Bon Aire” C/ Caudete, 41
46012 El Palmar (Valencia)

Important Notices

  • We do not accept cakes brought in from outside.
  • We always recommend reserving the rice.
  • We do not guarantee tables with a view.
  • We recommend ordering the rice so that the waiting time is reduced.


How to get there from Valencia

Car: Take CV-500 towards El Palmar.
Parking: We provide you with the location of the parking that the Palmar Hospitality Association makes available to you (L/J: free - V/D: €2 per day).
Bus: line 24 El palmar.







Do you need to contact us?

Restaurant “Bon Aire” C/ Caudete, 41 - 46012 El Palmar (Valencia)

961 620 310 / 961 620 133

Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (closed Tuesday)
Kitchen hours: 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.